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Our menus are carefully designed to meet your nutritional needs, using whole, fresh ingredients. We incorporate Superfoods into every meal, providing balanced delicious meals that will enhance your clean-eating lifestyle.

New, Unique Menus added each week, which include Breakfast, Healthy Snacks, Dinner, and Buddha Bowls.

Choose the meals that delight your taste buds, the number of servings, and place your order. You can order for just today, or plan your entire week. No more shopping, prepping or worrying about meeting your unique diet plan.

Breakfast and Snacks will be delivered with Dinners, to be enjoyed the next day.

Your Freshly-made meals will be delivered to your door, ready to enjoy, between 5:00-7:00 pm each evening.

Just leave an insulated cooler on your porch if you won't be home. Heating instructions will be provided.