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Freshly Prepared Meal, Right to Your Door!

our philosophy

The key to optimal performance in any sport is proper nutrition. The correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is often misunderstood by young athletes, leading them to make poor food choices before and after athletic endeavors. Hydration is just as important, but unfortunately athletes load up on sugary “sports” drinks, causing their glucose levels to spike and drop at the wrong levels during their performances.

We provide your athletes with a boxed meal that is based on current advanced sports nutrition, using fresh, whole ingredients. We use nitrate-free meats and whole-grain breads and wraps. Your athlete will enjoy fresh vegetables and protein-rich hummus, a banana, and popcorn, a fiber-healthy alternative to potato chips. Chocolate milk provides fuel for tired muscles and hydration that has been sweated out.

We also believe that hard work deserves a reward, and who can resist a dark-chocolate brownie? A perfect ending to a healthy, delicious boxed meal for your athlete.

Our boxed meals

Our boxed meals for athletes include a banana, carrots and hummus, a bag of popcorn, a container of chocolate milk, and a small freshly-baked brownie, and your athlete has their choice of the following main course:

  • Nitrate-free Turkey and Provolone on whole-grain sub roll.

  • Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito in whole-grain tortilla

  • Chicken, Quinoa and Black Bean Burrito

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap in spinach tortilla

  • Vegetarian Caesar Wrap

our service

As a mother of two college students who each played 3 sports, and a junior in high school who is dedicated to his sport, I understand how difficult it is to prepare meals for travel. As a former Team mom, I also can appreciate the challenges of trying to order lunches, pick them up, drop them at school, and organize parents bringing snacks, drinks, etc.

We take the hassle out of feeding your athletes, allowing you to enjoy those game days. Parents order and pay online for their athlete, we make the boxed meals and deliver them to the school for the team. No collecting money, lost orders, hours online for sign-up sheets. We provide the fuel, you provide the cheers!

Go Team!