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Freshly Prepared Meal, Right to Your Door!

Love your food.

Eat healthy. Feel good.

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Relax, Dinner is done

Expertly prepared meals delivered directly to your door! Sit back and enjoy your week, knowing that we are hard at work making your meals to perfection!



Our mission statement

The mission of Fork & Spoon is to bring the family back to the table with freshly-made meals, delivered right to your door. 

We prepare a unique menu each week that contains the correct  balance of nutrients. Each meal is perfectly proportioned, using simple foods and fresh ingredients. 

We support our community's health through meal trains, healthy boxed lunches for athletes and nutritional education.

Sit down and relax. Dinner's ready.





Online ordering

Order for the day or the whole Week! We have Healthy options, from breakfast to snacks to dinner!


Catered affairs

From dinner parties to team lunches, Angie McMahon can truly do it all!     

The McMahon's

The McMahon's

Our story

Angie McMahon has spent her life immersed in food, food preparation, nutrition, retail and management.  She is a certified Wellness Coach and Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

The McMahons had the privilege of being stationed in Panama, Spain, and London, England while their children were young.  They traveled all over Europe, and became accustomed to the Mediterranean style of foods, with fresh ingredients and simple recipes.  The hustle and bustle of city life in London also brought the emphasis on organic ingredients, fresh pre-made meals, and an emphasis on Middle Eastern recipes.

Upon their return to the states, it was nearly impossible to find the vast selection of organic, healthy staples that had been so readily available in Europe.  It was a big challenge to continue to prepare meals that were healthy but affordable.

While Angie knew that there was a direct correlation between health and food intake, she lacked the tools to put her passions into reality, so she pursued the training that she needed and began her own company, Simple Healthy Living LLC, and began her career in holistic nutrition.  She worked with children and adults suffering from eating disorders and weight issues, as well as teens and adults who were survivors of cancer, providing meal plans to support their immune systems in the healing process.  She has worked with sports teams at the high school and collegiate levels.  She has provided nutritional education to school-age children through workshops, camps and clinics.  

Her next passion is to provide to the Hampton Roads community delicious pre-made meals using only whole ingredients, free of preservatives, additives, GMOs and trans-fats.  She also strives to provide nutritional education in a warm, fun environment.

healthy eating made easy